December 30, 2013: A Tragic Dog’s Life

This is another tragic story of a backyard, chained dog whose only purpose is just to be there.

He cannot possibly be a guard dog, because he is as far away from the house as he could
possibly be. He could not protect the house or anyone because he is chained.  Yes, he is in a fenced in yard, yes it is a higher privacy fence, but NO the owners will not allow him to be loose in the yard.

Joe has lived like this for over six years. His front legs are completely deformed either from being inbred, genetics or perhaps from poor nutrition as a puppy. Sadly, we see lots of dogs with minor deformities from these situations, but Joe is one of the worst. Joe has been like this since he was a puppy.  As you can see he has adapted to his deformity and it does not deter him from getting around as far as the length of his chain will allow him.

NO they will not surrender Joe, we have tried.   Even if they were to surrender Joe, what foster caregiver or rescue organization is able to rehabilitate an animal with this type of temperament and keep their own animals safe. It would take months or years to work on an animal of this nature. As sad as it is for us to say. This is probably one of the “good” homes that people tell us about after they have given out or sold a litter of pit bull puppies. We have rescued many puppies with deformities that have lead wonderful lives and thrive in their homes. Joe’s life and circumstances could have been completely different, but they are not. This IS his life.

According to Michigan State Law Joe’s situation passes. He has a doghouse on a pallet,
he has straw and food and water bowls. Joe has never been skinny, his weight has always
been good, as we have been checking on him over the years. Joe’s owner was told that
there is nothing medically that could be done for his legs at his point.

No one can blame him for being vicious, he has had no socialization, no visitors but
maybe once a day for a moment when he gets food and water, no walks, no exercise, no love at all.

The ACN teams check on him periodically especially in the winter. Joe is never happy to see the volunteers like most dogs that we visit are. Just the opposite.

Why is Joe there? We do not know the answer to that question, just as we do not know why anyone would have a dog living on a chain 24/7, isolated from everything and everybody.

Because he is.

December 30 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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