December 26, 2013: Max

ACN received a call from a concerned citizen about a pit bull that they were worried about out in the cold weather. His dog house was between the garage and the fence, had no straw and his chain was completely kinked up/tangled and also had a choke chain around his neck which can be very dangerous

Max was extremely happy to see the team. Kathy and Heather had a serious talk with the owner, filled his house with straw, fixed the chain and asked the owner to take him inside during this cold weather. Max also needed to be neutered and vaccinated.

With good communication and education, Max’s owner was completely receptive to the entire plan. An appointment was made and following week he took Max in to be neutered and vaccinated free of charge thanks to the Michigan Humane Society pit bull sterilization program.

We checked on Max a couple weeks later and he was indeed inside the house with the other small “house” dog. The owner said they were doing great.

We will continue to monitor this address. Max is a great dog and our hope is that his situation remains improved and he remains the big “house” dog.

If you would like to donate to help other animals like Max, please go to

December 26 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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