December 23, 2013: Teams Out in Freezing Rain and Ice

The Animal Care Network teams were out on Saturday and Sunday during freezing rain, ice
and very slippery roads checking on dogs and cats.

The teams made over 70 stops checking every dog and doghouse that they saw. Some of
the actual houses and doghouses were empty and abandoned but in our target areas we often
find dogs and cats left behind, so better safe than sorry. Everything is checked out.

Houses were stuffed with straw and dogs were fed and watered. Owners were encouraged
and asked to bring the dogs in during this extreme weather and trees falling down, but as
we know that will not always happen. Many dogs were slipping and sliding on the ice around
their doghouses. Informational packets were left with every owner at every address.

Contact is always made with the owners/residents and only a few doors were slammed in the volunteers faces by people unwilling to accept help for their outdoors dogs. As always problem addresses are reported to Oakland County Animal Control who are doing a great job and are always ready and willing to check out these addresses.

Thanks teams for venturing out in the nasty weather!!!

December 23 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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