December 22, 2013: Santa’s Little Helpers

Santa’s little Animal Care Network helpers have been out on the streets every single day with Christmas presents for the pet owners in the community and spreading good cheer and the spirit of giving!!!

Many people are struggling so much financially and are worried about their pets at this time of year, so we are surprising so many families with extra food, snacks and toys!

The unique difference about the Animal Care Network is that we must visually see every single animal and see every living situation when we are providing assistance. So we hit the streets and go house to house. This enables us to assist in many other ways, most importantly ensuring that the dogs and cats are spayed and neutered and vaccinated and being taken care of.

We cannot in good conscience just give away supplies, doghouses, straw, food, collars and toys without meeting the family and seeing their pets at their living location. If we did that, who knows where these supplies would be going, when we first started many of the supplies were being given to people that did not even had animals and they were selling the items on the streets.

Home visits gives us a wonderful positive connection with the community and enable us to access the situation and see how we can help, how we can educate and how we can improve.

Our hope is that we have made this holiday season a little better for our target community and their pets!!!!

Merry Christmas to all!

December 22, 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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