December 19, 2013: Zero and Lettie – A Great Rescue that Needs a Happy Ending

ACN received a call about two puppies which had been left to die in a house when the owners were evicted. The kind neighbor just assumed that the owners had taken the puppies with them but then days later heard crying and whimpering from the house. He also called the Oakland County Sheriffs department. By the time the ACN volunteers got there the puppies were no where to be found and we were told by the neighbor that the Sheriff’s had taken them.

The puppies were emaciated and dehydrated, who knows the last time they had ate or drank. They were locked in a small room with belts tied tightly around their necks. It was the beginning of the first cold spell and the house was like a walk in cooler. There was garbage all over the place. Thankfully these puppies had the strength to cry and wimper.

Well come to find out, one of our foster homes Molly had been contacted and she had responded immediately and taken the puppies into her home. They were in very rough shape, every bone visible. Since then Molly has nursed them back to health, had them vaccinated and spayed.

Lettie, the brown one, is the shyer of the two and needs some work so Molly has decided to keep her, but Zero is now ready for adoption.

Zero only weighed 18 pounds and Lettie only weighed 30 pounds when rescued, Zero is now 35 pounds and Lettie is 40 pounds. Isn’t is amazing what food, water and love can do? Had they not cried and wimpered they would have starved and froze to death.

A big thank you to the neighbor, the Sheriff’s department and to Molly… BUT NOW WE NEEDYOUR HELP.

The Animal Care Network picks up dogs and cats every single week and at best, we have five foster homes at this time. WE NEED FOSTER HOMES EVERY SINGLE DAY. We struggle to find places, shelters and rescues for the dogs and cats that we rescue from our target area.

Many times the dogs and cats are taken to local shelters and people are upset by that, yet we have no offers to foster at a moments notice short term or long term. Our organization does the best that we can for every single dog and cat that we rescue, but our close rescue partners can only take so many each and every day.

We are trying to find a loving, permanent home for Zero, so that we can open up Molly’s home to another dog in trouble that needs to be fostered. We have posted this adorable, wonderful dog twice with only 20 shares and no interest whatsoever.


Please call Chris our Network/Adoption Manager at 248-545-5055 if you are interested in filling out an application to adopt Zero AND if you are interested in becoming a foster home.

Please become a part of the solution by adopting, fostering and spaying and neutering. Many of us like to complain about animals being put to sleep and taken to animal shelters but in order to make change, rescue groups and shelters need people to ADOPT and FOSTER in order to have a positive impact to the very overwhelming problem of animal homelessness and the pet overpopulation.

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