December 17, 2013: ACN Food Donations

A big thank you to Linda Kahn Gale who donated another van full of food, treats and toys for the animals in our target area.

Linda and her family had a Chanukah party and collected donations which were delivered to the community the same day!!

Linda says “You dedicate your life to helping the helpless. We need a planet full of humans like you then we wouldn’t have to worry about the animals. Thank goodness we have you
and your organization.”

Thank you so much Linda and your family and friends, your hearts are as kind and big as they get!!!

Also a big thank you to Mark and Kristin who also donate food and supplies. Kristin says “We think of you very often and pray you and the teams are kept safe. You have a wonderful gift and we are so glad you use it.”

Here are some of our grateful recipients. What is more heartwarming is when the dogs recognize the ACN vehicles and come a runnin!!!

Thank you to everyone that supports our food assistance program. We couldn’t do itwithout you!!

For food drop off locations, please view:

December 17, 2013PicMonkey Collage

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