December 14, 2013: Blizzard Conditions

Let’s give a huge thank you to Team Rose and Kim that hit the streets today during blizzard conditions.

These gals ventured out first thing this morning during the snow, wind, blowing weather and treacherous roads. They knew that with the temperatures in the teens and wind chill in the single digits, the outdoor dogs needed them and boy did they ever!!!!

They stayed out nearly all day delivering straw and leaving every dog with a big bowl of food and a fresh bowl of unfrozen water. Some of the dogs were inside but NOT ENOUGH. This is just absolutely heartbreaking to witness, these dogs are so happy to see the volunteers and then immediately return to their doghouses to burrow and curl up in the warm straw.

Again, as much as we educate, persuade, plead, warn and talk, talk, talk to the owners, some of these dogs JUST ARE NOT coming inside. Cold weather tips and warnings are given to EVERY SINGLE OWNER and again, some of these dogs WILL NOT be taken inside NOR will they give them up……So we just have to make things as warm and as comfortable as we can for them. Dozens of addresses were checked and many dogs are a little warmer and better because of Rose and Kim.

Bravo to you gals for your dedication and commitment to these animals. We are lucky to have you both on our team.

As you all come home to warmth, safety and nice comfortable beds PLEASE DO NOT FORGET about the dogs and cats that the Animal Care Network rescues, assists, checks on and looks out for.

PLEASE DONATE TODAY to keep the volunteers and the supplies out on the streets EVERY SINGLE DAY, especially in this extreme weather.

The work that we do is extremely worthwhile and crucial for the greater good for these dogs and cats.

Donate at

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