December 1, 2013: Problem Address

When the teams are out on the full day runs, the list of addresses is compiled ahead of time and the addresses are mapped out so that they can get as many animals taken care of as possible.

Well, with the ACN dispatch phone ringing non-stop all day due to the cold weather, the team is constantly being re-routed for emergency calls.

This was one of those addresses, an anonymous neighbor was very concerned about a dog that was tangled up and unable to reach his doghouse, freezing. The team responded
immediately and found a dog that really needed some help. No one would answer the door even though we knew someone was home.

The dog was extremely apprehensive, fearful and slightly aggressive when the team arrived. They worked diligently to untangle him, provide a new tie-out, fill his house with straw and provide him with a big bowl of food and water. Information was left at the address for the owners to contact ACN along with the cold weather information. After spending a little time here, the dog warmed up to the team, he realized that they were there to help him and we believe he was sad to see them leave.

This address will be rechecked this week and once again try to make contact with the owners and secure the doghouse on to a wooden pallet.

We always try to rescue dogs in trouble, but if the owner will not surrender the dog, we have to just recheck and try again.

These poor dogs are so isolated and do not receive much human contact so it is only natural for them to react in an untrusting, on guard fashion. The teams are experts at talking to them, going slow and making many friends along the way.

Another job well done team!

December 1 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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