August 7, 2013: Where are they now?????

The Animal Care Network teams check out every suspicious looking backyard, pen, garage, vacant house, etc. that is noticed. After all these years we would think that we would know nearly every dog in our target areas, but unfortunately we don’t. Many are hidden and not visible from the street. They are hidden in garages, sheds and behind privacy areas. Some areas where the dogs are kept are off limits to us, we are not welcomed or allowed on the property. These sites are usually found once the houses are vacated or seen from a neighboring backyard. Dilapidated doghouses filled with holes and rotting; moldy straw, garbage and glass all over.

These locations make our stomachs sick and our hearts sink, wondering how these poor dogs lived and where are they now? In just another backyard, roaming the streets, let go or dead? Sadly that is the reality. We hope that they are at peace and no longer suffering.

These are just a few examples of how deplorable conditions can be for chained, hidden and backyard dogs.

August 7 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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