August 20, 2013: The Loss of Two Animal Care Network Old Timers

We would like to say goodbye to two of our favorite community dogs, Abby and Zowie.

Abby was owned and loved by Cam for many years. The Animal Care Network had to help Cam put Abby to sleep last week due to old age and failing health. It was extremely sad. A big thank you to Ross Hospital for Animals for accommodating Abby and for surprising Cam with a “paw print” and some of Abby’s fur as a memoriam. This kind gesture made a difficult time for Cam much easier. We will miss little Abby greeting us at the door with her big smiling showing ALL of her cute little teeth.

Zowie was owned by Kim. When Kim passed away many years ago, her daughter did the right thing and took Zowie in. Zowie was also getting older and suffering from bone cancer and arthritis. Zowie was one of the nicest Rottweilers we have ever known and lived with Star, Misty, Anthony and their family for years. Thank you to the Oakland County Animal Care Center for helping make this decision a litter bit easier on the family and for allowing the family to get Zowie’s ashes back at an affordable price.

Both of these dogs were very much loved by their families and friends. The Animal Care Network had them both spayed many, many years ago and we also think of them as “our” dogs too.

They both enjoyed wonderful, long lives by their human owners and caretakers and experienced happiness and being part of the families like every dog should.

Rest in Peace to Abby and Zowie and our condolences to the families. Please take pride in the great lives that you gave both of these amazing dogs!

August 20 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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