August 2, 2013: Taking Time Out

Being on the streets every day is absolutely brutal, mentally and physically challenging as all of us in rescue know.

Even though we know that we are making a difference, many
days being a witness to what goes on in backyards and on the streets can haunt us and keep us up at night! SO, it is nice to take a day to enjoy some of the positive outcomes from our work. For example, the Michigan Animal Rescue League Tail-Wagger Two-Step held once a year at a beautiful park in Clarkston.

I decided to volunteer at this event last month and boy was I rewarded by the end of the day!! I worked at the registration table and was able to see and say hello to DOZENS of dogs that the Animal Care Network had rescued from terrible situations and were able to get into the Michigan Animal Rescue League adoption program.

What a blessing and joy to see where these dogs are now and how much they are loved and cherished by their owners!

Seriously, some of these dogs came from the worst of the worst and here they are out at the park, socializing, swimming and interacting with everyone. They are so happy now, most probably don’t even remember those days of hunger, breeding, abuse and despair.

The ones that do experience slight memories are overpowered by the love and kind, humane treatment that they are receiving now.

Just had to share SOME of these lucky dogs and wonderful owners!

After this glorious experience, I went to rescue more dogs and cats and hope and pray for the same outcome!!!!

Thank you to the Animal Care Network volunteers, Michigan Animal Rescue
League and all of these truly awesome adopters!

– Pam
Animal Care Network Manager Pontiac



To see some of the great animals at the event, view the slide show below.


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