October 26, 2013: Cairo

One of our amazing volunteers Kim, lost her rescue Greyhound Cairo to cancer over the weekend. Our heartfelt sympathy are with Kim and her family for their loss. Cairo had a wonderful life thanks to Kim and the group that rescued him from the track.

Here is Kim’s tribute to her beloved dog Cairo.

Hello all — just wanted to share with you that we had to put our Greyhound, Cairo, down this morning. On 8/26/13 he was diagnosed with lymphomic cancer. He lasted 2 months to the day. He could no longer stand on his own and life just seemed too painful for him. I had said that when he stopped perking up when he saw me in the morning, and wasn’t able to get up to greet me at the door, like he has done for the past 11 years, his life wasn’t as it should be. Even to the end, the handsome boy was stubborn and insistent he could do everything on his own — still tried climbing the steps on the deck this morning. Wasn’t able, so I carried him, and I could tell he was pretty mad about it.

Cairo would always sleep with his eyes open and creep Bill out. Even in death, he refused to close his eyes. My stubborn old man. He’s going to be missed terribly.

Cairo (aka: Pico’s Allegro)

Born — 8/26/2000 — 8th puppy in litter

Rescued from Kansas track — October 2002

Joined my family — 12/28/2002

Diagnosed with cancer –8/26/13 (his 13th birthday)

Crossed the rainbow bridge — 10/26/13
Love you my big handsome — you’ll be terribly missed.

Cairo PicMonkey Collage

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