September 7, 2012: ACN spay/neuter efforts

One of our most important missions is to get dogs and cats in our target area fixed through our various spay neuter programs, grants, your donations and collaborations with other groups.

80% of the time ACN volunteers are doing the talking and seeking out pet owners and offering assistance.

So it makes us very happy when the owners come to us, sometimes people that we have not been able to get through to in the past and sometimes people that we just thought would not be interested!

More missions accomplished!!

Max had been constantly running the neighborhood, getting into fights and I had been working on this situation for a long time. Finally Max is neutered and can now be loose in the yard and not chained up!!!!
Of course the little dog in the photo we had neutered years ago too!




Roxy is the second pitbull that we have had spayed for these guys and we also help them out with food.







Zeus’s owners did not want him neutered, even though they had no money and no transportation to get him any shots and they live in a HIGH PARVO neighborhood.
Zeus was very much “at risk”. After much convincing and offering to get his first set of shots done at the vet while he was being neutered, they agreed.


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