September 7, 2012: ACN hot weekend

ACN was out in full force again this past weekend, we are very thankful to our teams of volunteers for being so dedicated and hitting the streets no matter how hot or how cold (over 90 again this past weekend).

Backyard, lonely dogs were checked on to make sure they had water, food and shade. So many dogs and cats are just living amongst garbage and filth. 3 dogs were rescued on Friday alone.

Reesie, a small yorkie mix was actually living in a cat carrier in a backyard, she was surrendered to ACN.

The team found Blazer running and when neighbors notified the owner, he simply said he wasn’t going to chase him and didn’t want him anymore.

Radar’s owner no longer wanted him because he had sores and hair loss and just wouldn’t gain any weight. He ate perfectly fine for us and was just infested with fleas and being eaten by flies on his chain.

Unbelievable how easy it is for some owners to let them go, even though we know they will be much better off in the care of ACN.


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