September 5, 2012: The littlest tough guys!

Here are some of our friends, the littlest tough guys!

ACN heard about this address from a mail carrier. The owners
gave us a litter of mixed puppies and we offered free spay and neuter
for the 3 adult dogs, mom, dad and sister. All of the puppies have
since been adopted and the adults are all fixed! Mission accomplished!

When I first pulled up to the address (not in such a great neighborhood)
some of the screens were missing on the enclosed front porch and
I was greeted by these three dogs guarding their home. Very deceiving
from the outside because when the owner came to the door, the dogs ran
out and they all have the cutest short legs. Their bark is definitely bigger
than their bite!

On a side note, the owner says the dogs will not jump out the window.

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