September 26, 2012: The parvo virus is not pretty

This recent rescue story is tragic and is a perfect example of an undesirable life for this poor mother dog and her nine puppies who should never even have been born.

ACN rescued Sheena and her nine puppies. Sheena was extremely sick, weak and was dying when we picked her up, she could barely walk, her puppies had parvo and were showing symptons. Extremely dehydrated they all attempted to drink from a bowl of water, then proceeded to vomit.

Two huge problems: this property had other dogs die of parvo last year and this was an “accidental” pregnancy. The owners were told that Sheena “could not get pregnant” even though she wasn’t spayed. What?  And they also kept their male dogs away from her. We all know that does not happen.

This poor dog family was literally “born to die” They were humanely euthanised by loving hands and loving hearts and are no longer suffering.

This is very heartbreaking and emotional for the rescuers and the compassionate people that have to put these animals to sleep. We are thankful for these people that have to do the “dirty work” and clean up the mess. This takes a terribly large toll on their hearts.

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