September 20, 2012: Great puppy rescue

This lovely female puppy named Dolly was rescued from a nasty situation.  She was discovered living in a wire cage filled with feces and urine, covered  with flies and her spirit very broken.

Once in the rescue van, she hung her head very low and crawled to the back of the cage, cowering, so thirsty and hungry. The little pads of her feet were red and sore and the flies were latching on to her little body.

The transformation was extremely quick for Dolly, once she was bathed, dried and held by volunteers her entire demeanor changed and she was on the road to recovery! Amazing what a little attention, care and love can do for these poor animals. Once her tail started wagging, it wouldn’t stop. Just look at the difference in her face before and after her bath.

This little sweetie-pie is doing great in a foster home!


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