September 15, 2012: Abuse of mother dogs


The use and abuse of mother dogs is so upsetting. ACN is constantly rescuing mother dogs/
breeder dogs when the owners are tired of them or have decided that her puppies
are better and it is time for the mom to go. This is so sad, these dogs are forced
to have litter after litter, lose weight, suffer uterus and mammary infections and there
is absolutely no loyalty.

Inga was literally “let go” when her owner didn’t want her anymore. She was taken
to a park on a very hot day and left there. Luckily a “friend” of the owner found out about
this and retrieved Inga from the park and called ACN. The owner even spent hundreds of
dollars to have her ears cropped and then discards her in horrible condition.
Inga was skin and bones, filled with milk, mammary infection and very sore.

Inga is a beautiful, super nice dog and is doing great in a foster home. She did not
let any of this horrible treatment, neglect and abuse affect her personality and destroy
her soul!

What a great spirit some of these dogs have!

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