September 12, 2012: Lucky

ACN received a call to pick up a dog, thankfully we are persistent.  I made two trips to the house, no one would answer the door or phone, but I was not going to give up and am so glad I didn’t.

Finally someone answered the phone and I said I would be there in 10 minutes to pick up the dog. Once again, no answer, so I kept knocking loudly. Finally someone came to the door and I asked if they could go get the dog. They went into the basement and I heard all kinds of doors opening and shutting.

The owner then came upstairs with a small emaciated dog in a plastic carrier dripping with urine and smelling of feces, he said he would like to donate the carrier too…………I will try
not to be sarcastic. I had to hold my tongue and leave quickly.

What an amazing little dog, starving, thirsty, covered in feces and urine. He leaped out of the cage into my arms, licking and tail wagging like crazy!

Thankfully, we were able to get “Lucky” into the Michigan Animal Rescue League where he is being well taken care of by their great staff and volunteers. Lucky will be nursed back to health before being
put up for adoption.


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