September 10, 2012: “Kipper”, the new kid on the block

ACN’s door to door street work always pays off. Volunteers keep a watchful eye while on runs and will jot down addresses that may need a visit for one reason or another.
This dog was noticed in a home-made dog house at an address ACN had never been to before.  The team stopped, introduce themselves, explained the program. We considered this an “at risk” dog, at risk of getting pregnant, she was not in a fenced in area and there are many strays in this neighborhood. Her weight was very good and she was extremely friendly and social.  The following week “Kipper” was spayed and vaccinated.

The family had recently taken Kipper from a family member out of state who could not
keep her and had never heard of a program like the Animal Care Network before.
They were extremely happy about it.

In the areas that we work in, ACN’s presence isn’t always welcome, but the majority
of the time we get in, get through and get positive results.

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