October 6, 2012: Disturbing discovery

We certainly do not like to tell stories like this, but this is reality and these are things that the ACN volunteers bear witness to day after day. Here is one of our more disturbing finds.

This dog was clearly left in a cage to starve to death, you can see where the blanket covering the cage was pulled in from the inside.

After probably many cries for help and a long painful death from starvation and dehydration this dog curled up and died. There is nothing left of this pour soul but bones, eerily still intact and a choke chain around the neck. This house had clearly once been the
home of a breeder and/or collector and they must have left him there to die in this disgusting feces filled cage ALONE.

Granted, there are only three houses on this street, but no one heard the crying? There was also a business very close, no one there heard whining?

Could they have called someone to pick the dog up, could the owner or anyone let him out of the cage so he could at least wander until a kind person found him? Or taken him to the safety of an animal shelter?

Was this death better and more humane that being euthanised? We think not.

Unfortunately the ACN cannot be everywhere, all the time, we do the best we possibly can, but many times it is already too late. Our hearts and minds are haunted by these images.

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