October 28, 2012: Unusual Story

One early morning on a ACN spay neuter transport day a senior Dalmation was seen
tied to the fence near the clinic three feet from a main road. Who knows how long she
was there, but ACN offered to take her to a local shelter.

The shelter of choice was full, so our volunteer took Cheyenne home for the night.
The next morning while picking up the spay neuter animals from the same clinic,
the owner of Cheyenne was on the phone frantic about her dog.

The story goes like this, a flight attendant in the process of moving from one state
to another, left her 4 dogs in the care of her relative who lived by the clinic. Cheyenne
the 12 year old spayed partially deaf Dalmation is incontinent and on medication. The relative got upset about Cheyenne urinating and made the decision to tie her to a fence in front of a vet clinic and leave her there. OMG what if she got loose from the fence and hit by a car or worse?

The ending of the story:

The volunteer kept Cheyenne at home until the owner flew into town the next day and
reunited with her dog and had a lesson learned! And yes the other 3 dogs are fine and back
home with their owner. They were all rescue dogs that were spayed and neutered.

This story could have had a terrible ending and yes, this was a horrible thing the relative
did, so please be cautious  if you leave your pets with someone else.

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