October 21, 2012: Blackie’s fighting days are over

Last weekends ACN was brutal once again. We had volunteers Kathy and Heather running from one side of town to the other ALL DAY LONG for one animal emergency after another.

Blackie was one of those emergencies and her fighting days are now over. She was covered with old scars and fresh, bloody new ones, had recently been fought.

ACN hears some of the most ridiculous, made up stories that you cannot even believe. The owners claimed she was stolen, fought on another side of town, and then returned to the same place she was stolen from??? Even though when we tried to rescue her a few months ago, she already had scars on her.

This poor dog was frozen and growling with fear and in a great deal of pain.

Due to her horrible life experiences at the hands of monsters; her soul was destroyed as well as her temperament towards humans and other animals. Blackie was humanely euthanised and Pam was the only one who was able to get near her and pet her while she journeyed to heaven, a much better place than the hell she lived her whole life.

May she rest in peace for once………………..


“If you can’t adopt, foster. If you can’t foster, volunteer. If you can’t volunteer, donate. Be part of the solution.”

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