October 13, 2012: Another great triple rescue

ACN never gives up on a bad situation. We had been checking up on
these three puppies and their mom since they attended one of our vaccine clinics
months ago.

One of our volunteers made note of the bad condition they were in, along with the mother dog, so we made visit to the address for a wellness check.

Volunteers tried and tried to persuade the owners to give up any of the dogs but they would not. They were always skinny, always thirsty, living amongst filth and half eaten doghouses. A few visits later we found out they had given the mom away to someone “that really wanted her”.

Then on our last visit, volunteers found out the people had been evicted and the three skinny puppies were still in the backyard. ACN made contact with the owner and rescued the puppies immediately. They actually had their first “free” run off the chain and didn’t even know what to do at first.  So happy to have food that they don’t have to fight for and even more grateful to have clean fresh water.

The puppies were taken to a foster home where they will be well taken care of and evaluated.

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