November 13, 2012: “Brody”

I received a call on the Animal Care Network dispatch phone to pick up a dog immediately. The caller stated that they had “rescued” a dog off the streets a few weeks earlier and their dog had attacked him, it did not sound good.

I responded immediately. I knocked quickly on the door then proceeded into the backyard, to be greeted by a chained dog and another dog in a pen. Both were not happy to see a stranger, both were on the attack.

I knocked again at the door and asked the young lady with small children if she could please show me where the injured dog was. I also noticed a huge litter of pit bull puppies in cat carriers inside the door.

She pointed me to a nasty tipped over airline carrier with a shocky, untrusting, injured, sad and pathetic dog curled up inside. He had gotten so small you couldn’t even see him. He was so cold. I had to distract and run by the chained dog to get to the injured one.

The little rescue guy growled at me and I did not care, I said hello to him. I got him the heck out of there while the dog in the pen was teetering on the top trying to get to me……..

“Brody” could not wait to get into the crate in the rescue van and was completely content to snuggle up on a blanket with a bowl of food and water. He was taken to a local animal shelter to receive the care that he needed.

Please let us know if you would like to foster a dog or cat, an injured or sick animal, a newborn/young litter of puppies or kittens, or even a single puppy or kitten.

The Animal Care Network comes across animals just like this every single day of the week, weekends and at night. We do the best that we possibly can for each and every animal that is rescued. Sadly there are not enough foster homes and many of the animals are severely injured and suffering.

Please let us know if you can take in a dog or cat at a moments notice. Fostering can be for a short period of time or can be for months until the animal gets adopted.

“If you can’t adopt, foster. If you can’t foster, volunteer. If you can’t volunteer, donate. Be part of the solution!”

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