May 8, 2012: A Tribute to Senior Dogs

Many of us absolutely love old dogs! When I first started doing animal rescue I quickly accumulated 7 dogs in a matter of a couple of months, 3 pitbulls and 4 mixed dogs, all from Pontiac. They all lived from 12 years to 18 years and I lost all seven of them in a 2 1/2 year period to cancers, heart issues and other old age ailments.  I loved them dearly with all my heart.  My set up is such that I can foster many dogs and I have fostered thousands!

Many of the old dogs that ACN has rescued I will keep until their time comes and make them as happy, comfortable and loved as possible. I have had the honor and privilege of having dozens of senior dogs at my home that came from horrible, inexcusable situations.

I have had blind dogs, deaf dogs, dogs with cancer, heartworm, congestive heart failure, crippled dogs, arthritic dogs and some that had just been severely neglected with severe skin issues, nails curled under, mouth infections, you name it.

Myself and my ACN colleagues treat all of our rescue animals with dignity and respect and will never let an animal suffer.

We see them through until the end and stay with them until the last moment.

This is a tribute to all of the senior dogs we have rescued and fostered! We just love those white faces.  May they all go to heaven with their tails wagging!

Pam – ACN Manager

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