May 22, 2012: More dogs and puppies suffering from Parvo.

ACN received more calls over the past week and weekend about sick, suffering and dying dogs and puppies suffering from the deadly parvovirus.

With all of the resources and low-cost vaccination clinics in so many areas, we still cannot figure out why people get dogs and puppies and never get any vaccines. It is just beyond figuring out.  Then when the dog or puppy is so sick, beyond saving, they put the poor animal outside to get covered with flies and dehyrdrate even more.

This is not just a puppy virus, in our target areas, we have adult dogs that die from that are not vaccinated.

One would think that people would rather spend 10 or 15 dollars for each vaccine, than to have a dog or puppy die at their house or spent the huge vet bill that it costs to treat a parvo dog.   Another ACN mystery!

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