May 19, 2012: ACN is trying to keep up with calls for abandoned cats and kittens!

These are some of the cats and kittens that ACN rescued last weekend.

Some of them were abandoned, left behind when the owners moved.  Thankfully the ACN is so well known, someone from the community usually alerts us to these situations. One of the cats had huge wounds on the back of her neck and was so hungry and thirsty, when given water, she drank it like she was a dog and then purred and purred and purred.

Also pictured is some more happy Pontiac spay neuter recipients with their recently neutered cats being transported back home by ACN. We also rewarded them with a big bag of cat food for getting the cats fixed.
Please contact your local animal shelter/organization to find out about programs for low-cost spay neuter for cats!!!! Every single litter adds to the problem!

**  Ignore the date on the pictures, the camera wasn’t  set up properly!

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