March 10, 2012: Meet Nikita!

Meet Nikita! She is a 8 year old female American Bulldog that an ACN team met on their travels.  Nikita was not spayed and had a golfball size growth in her mammary area. The team talked to the owners and they agreed it was time to have her spayed, they also stated they had wanted to do it earlier but couldn’t afford to and did not know about our program. THIS IS WHY DOOR TO DOOR STREETWORK IS SO IMPORTANT!

ACN was able to get her in our veterinarian to be spayed and they also removed the mammary tumor at the same time.

Nikita did great and this surgery will help her live a much longer, happier life. She is recovering well and when the team stops by to check up on her we get a great big smile from Nikita and the family.

Spaying and neuter is not only important to control the pet population, but also for health and temperament. An early spay may have prevented this situation altogether!


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