June 5, 2012: This past weekend’s ACN run

Just another average ACN run, the team made over 30 stops, partially during the pouring rain.

This day included:

Taking names and number for spay neuter services

Rescuing a pitbull from behind an abandoned house, a tip was given when the team was at another address

Rescuing a emaciated puppy tied to the porch of a vacant house when the owner went to jail

Rescued a puppy that was thrown out of a moving car

Untangling dogs and letting them have some much needed exerciseand socialization

Tried to locate two stray dogs from a tip from a mail carrier

Water checks, food drops


The entire day is spent running and trying to respond to every call receive  by the ACN dispatch phone! There are just not enough hours in the day.

When ACN is on the streets many more dogs and cats have a better day!

The Animal Care Network rescues many cats and dogs every day we are out. The animals are either taken to local animal shelter or rescue groups, taken home by volunteers, taken to emergency clinics or put in foster homes.

We do the best we can for each and every animal that we rescue based on their condition, health and temperament.

The Animal Care Network is making a difference!

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