June 30, 2012: Animal Care Network cat rescue going strong!

Just when we think we are getting the cat overpopulation problem somewhat under control, the ACN dispatch phone receives call after call to rescue cats and kittens in our target areas.  People are finding litters of sick kittens outside, family members have died and left cats in houses which are being cleaned out, people are moving and leaving the cats outside to fend for themselves and breed.

ACN has been working tirelessly this summer to keep up with the cat and kitten rescue calls. We rescued 23 cats and kittens in one hour, from one house, 4 mother cats each with a litter!

ACN gets these poor cats and kittens into local shelters and local rescue groups to ensure they are safe and no longer at risk and on the streets.

This is a huge amount of animals to pick up in one day and sadly it is not always possible to save every single one.

Please spay and neuter your cats, most shelters and rescue organizations have low-cost spay neuter programs. If you have a family member, friend or neighbor that has too many cats, please recommend to them to get them fixed!!!


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