June 26, 2012: Cats needed help after owner left them behind when he moved!

ACN received a phone call from someone from the community. His roommate just left town and left behind not just a couple of cats, but 15-20 cats!!

ACN’s Kim and Edwina already rescued 6 of the cats, which we were able to transfer to rescue partners. We have also made arrangements to pick up the remaining cats.


This person has no transportation, no money and no way to get these cats to an animal shelter, so the ACN will step in to assist until the job is done!

There are many households in our target area that have a large number of cats.  Pontiac has a population of 69,000 people, imagine if just 100 addresses had 10 cats, that is 1000 cats!

Like this situation above, many of these cats are just left behind when people move or are evicted. It is very difficult to keep up with. ACN is the only organization that will pick up cats in our target areas!


 Please spay and neuter and if you move, make arrangements for your cats ahead of time!

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