June 24, 2012: Sometimes people need our help to humanely euthanize their pets……..

ACN receives many calls from the community to assist people in having their dogs or cats humanely euthanised, either due to old age, injury or illness. Many of the pet owners do not have the means or transportation to get these animals to a shelter or veterinarian. No one wants them to suffer any longer. Many people do not want to hear these sad stories, but this is reality and a difficult and heartfelt part of animal rescue.

Jazz, the Beagle had a severe spine injury and was barely able to walk.






Laurie, the Pitbull had bone cancer and her front leg was swollen and so infected, she could barely walk and was in horrible pain.





Babe, the Jack Russell, an adorable senior dog, had lost half his weight and almost seemed crippled.







Heinz had lost the strength in his back legs and was in pain.








   May they all rest in peace, they all crossed over in the company of loving

hands and loving hearts…………

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