June 2, 2012: Memorial weekend Animal Care Network run

The Memorial weekend ACN team made 42 stops in one day, these are some of the situations that were handled by the team

 Water patrol, many animals with no water


Picked up a dying parvo puppy that was left in the bushes




Picked up a cat that had dragged himself up a driveway after being hit by car (he had a broken back)

Untangled chains
Drilling doghouses on wooden pallets so they don’t tip over and fill with rain
People interested in spay neuter
Helping pet owners with food
Rescued two dogs abandoned in a house, when their owner went to jail





Making many dogs and cats much happier, even for a day!

We were able to find a sympathetic emergency clinic to put the suffering puppy and cat humanely to sleep. Had it not been for the ACN streets teams, this poor puppy and cat would have suffered for days before dying alone.


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