July 25, 2012: And our hearts continue to break…….

More tragic, heartbreaking rescues for ACN volunteers this week, we are always thankful that we were alerted to these dire animal situations……..

This poor dog crawled up on someone’s back porch and would not leave, perhaps because she could not walk or crawl any further. ACN volunteers responded and carried this weak, dying dog to the rescue van, where she could barely lift her head to take a sip of water. Every bone on her body was visible and her eyes were completely sunken in.


This poor cat was also rescued in the same condition as the dog, he was nothing but bones, eyes sunken in, and infested with fleas. No longer hungry and no longer thirsty.



May they both rest in peace………..

The Animal Care Network knows firsthand that there are not always happy endings and that rescuers and volunteers must go on for the sake of the animals………..


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