July 23, 2012: Take time to enjoy the little things in life……

These days everyone is in a hurry and not everyone will stop for stray pets or wildlife, but this day was different!

A proud mom and dad swan with their one baby were taking their time crossing a main, busy road. At least 8 cars patiently waited for them to cross the road. Not one person got annoyed, passed, sped by or beeped their horn with impatience.

The faces I could see in their cars were smiling, it was almost as if everyone was humbled for a moment and enjoyed seeing this waterfowl family.

Many times when I have stopped to help animals, people lay on the horn, almost hit the animal, yell out not-so-nice things or make nasty gestures. Not this time!

I have a family of crows at my home, crows have quite the personality. They come the same time every single day, there were only two to start, now their are eight. Mom and dad are now bringing their babies. They land on the roof of my house and wait for me to go inside and get something for them to eat. I sprinkle pieces of bread, cereal or crackers and they wait until I walk away. They land, take pieces of the food and immediately take it to the bird bath and soak it in water and then happily eat it.

It is so cool to watch their little ritual!

Everyone, take the time to enjoy the little things in life!


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