July 14, 2012: Brutal summer for Animal Care Network teams in Pontiac and Inkster

ACN volunteers have been on the streets almost daily in Pontiac and Inkster.  The last month or so has been absolutely brutal on these animals with the heat, flies, parvo, fireworks, thunderstorms, etc.

ACN has rescued as many animals as possible and checked on hundreds of others!

We have found dogs so tangled or stuck on their chains they couldn’t move, get to shade or get to water even if there was some available. We have been talking with owners, applying fly meds to the already bloody ears and bodies of these poor dogs and doing as much as possible to help these animals and give them some relief.

One address during a major thunderstorm, we found locked in a wire cage filled with feces, urine and rain water. Directly to the left of the cage was a doghouse where she could have taken cover, yet she was locked in the cage, soaking wet, with sore feet and urine burn. Absolutely disgusting. The owners would not surrender the dog, but they got a not so nice talking to by volunteers. The situation was remedied (for now) and reported to animal control. ACN will keep and eye on the address as always.

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