December 31, 2012: Pokey

I thought a happy picture would be a good way to end the year so here is Pokey!

As you can see she was quite interested in her Christmas Stocking full of treats. Inkster ACN received a box full of dog and cat stockings as a Christmas gift for their good deeds. And the animals couldn’t have been more excited…about the packaging as much as the goodies we think!

Pokey is a happy story because her life is better than most we visit. She gets to go inside at night and as you can see she has a stable doghouse which we were just about to stuff full of straw. She even has neighbor dog friends she can run along the fence line with during the day. And last but not least, we were finally able to convince the owner to get her spayed and as of next week no more babies for Pokey. And that sounds like a Cheers To The New Year to me!

new years eve inkster pic monkey

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