December 22, 2012: Mother dog who rejected her puppies

ACN responded to a call from a family about a mother dog that had just 11 puppies
the day before. The mother dog would not nurse the puppies and was attacking and
killing them, to make matters worse, in this cold weather they were all outside in a doghouse.

ACN responded immediately and rescued all the puppies, sadly some were
already dead and the remaining were cold and dying. We rushed them to the vet with
the heat blasting, but sadly had to have them humanely euthanised.

The owners would not surrender the mother or father, so the following week we
had the mother and father dog spayed and neutered so that his tragedy will not happen
here again. ACN provided transporation to ensure that these dogs got to the

Whenever the Animal Care Network picks up a litter of puppies, we always offer options
for the mother and father dogs as well. If they need to surrender the mother and/or father
we will take them. If they are keeping the mother and/or father we will spay and neuter
them at no charge!!!

December 22 PicMonkey Collage

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