August 31, 2012: Helping to feed the animals – TODAY AND EVERYDAY!!!

This pet owner was literally standing in her yard with her three dogs crying,when I pulled up. THIS WAS TODAY.

Her pets hadn’t eaten in two days and she did not know what she was going to do, with no car and no phone.

She had no idea I was coming over to drop off some dog and cat food…. and she was so happy she cried some more and said that I was an Angel sent to bless her and her dogs!! Blanko, the white Bulldog, was so happy to see me he started crying and whining and the girls’, Chula and Asia, tails were going crazy!

These dogs are all over 8 years old, are spayed and neutered, and live inside with their owner. This lady has had a real tough time with life lately and truly loves her animals.

This is the reason that we need your help with donations of dog and cat food (Pedigree dry dog food and Friskees dry cat food) or if more convenient, you can send in donations either through our paypal account or send checks directly to our P.O. Box. The food then can be bought in bulk at wholesale prices. We go through 3000-4000 lbs every month. Buying it directly almost doubles the amount of your contribution to starving animals over paying retail.

Help us today so that we can keep our storage unit stocked for these pet owners and animals that need our help EVERY SINGLE DAY.


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