August 26, 2012: Cute puppies get a 2nd chance

Okay, are these two of the cutest little puppies that you have ever seen?

These two puppies were rescued on an ACN run within minutes of each
other and are now in foster care together. Two lonely puppies who
now have each other.

One was dumped at a local park and the other is the product of a father and
daughter dog breeding together. Just awful!

Peter Pan was left in a park, within a mile of three animal shelters. What was
she supposed to do, walk to the shelter? We are so thankful for good samaritans
that alert ACN to these situations.

Elf is extremely small and has some health issues that are being worked on.
Her little feet are slightly deformed and hairless and her ears are curled
at the top, which truly make her so endearing to anyone that meets her.

When you see her, you can’t help but say “awww”.

They are very good friends and also love hanging out with “Stretch” the
door stop.


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