August 23, 2012: Angel who is now an angel

As all of us rescuers know, we cannot save them all and it breaks our hearts.
At least we can say that we tried, at least we get these animals off the
streets and out of abusive neglectful situations even though the outcome
may not always be as we would like.

Look at poor Angel, she had clearly been used in a dogfight, was swollen
and covered with wounds. As you can see, she was barely able to sit up.
Not only was she starved, fought and abused, but she also had parvo and
was extremely sick. Angel had suffered enough and now she is truly an angel.

She went to heaven with loving arms and a peaceful heart, knowing that
there was still someone that cared about and loved her, even if only for a short

I think her eyes told a horribly sad life story, a life that she did not deserve
and did not ask for. Once again, this is man’s best friend?

I am just thankful that I found her.


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