August 14, 2012 – Goodnight “Flo”

It is with tears in my eyes and a heavy heart that I write this. It took me a while to even be able to write this.

In April I rescued “Flo”, she had been dumped in a vacant lot, barely able to stand, emaciated (starvation), overgrown nails and a skin infection so bad it smelled and she was EXTREMELY dehydrated.

Flo was older and I knew that she would probably not have long to live, but she wagged her tail as soon as she saw me and I knew right then I would take her home until it was her time.  She tested strong positive for heartworm and also was in congestive heart failure, much damage to her huge heart!

I had the honor of having Flo in my household for almost four months. She had a bath every week, ate like a queen and simply loved to drink water. She wagged her tail everytime she drank water. She also had many new friends and loved to lay in the sun and dig holes. Flo also had a huge velvet comforter for her bed and she wouldn’t sleep anywhere else, every night she would come to my bed and put her head on my mattress as if to say thank you and then go back to her velvet throne.

Flo had to go to heaven a few weeks ago and I miss her very much. I am a huge lover of senior animals and will continue to take them home until it is there time. To me it is the least that we can do for the seniors.




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