August 13, 2012: ACN cat rescues

Russell the cat was in desperate need of rescuing and new volunteers Sue and Stephanie were just the gals for the job.

On a routine ACN stop, a dog owner mentioned how his cat had gone missing for quite some time and showed up a month earlier with part of his tail cut off. Sue and Stephanie saw how sick and infected this poor cat was and were able to get an owner surrender on the cat. He was also extremely infested with fleas.

The owner also stated that he heard other cats in the neighborhood were suffering the same torture and injuries.

ACN was able to get him into the Michigan Animal Rescue League where they got him into the veterinarian and had to have part of his tail amputated. He is now safe and is recoving well.

 Other cats may not be so lucky, Lila was abandoned when her owners moved and left her behind, after having a litter with only one surviving, ACN had to live trap her. She had such a bad case of upper respiratory, one of her eyes was gone. Not such a great life for this poor cat, thin, infested with fleas and constantly in search of food and water AND trying to nurse kittens, in addition to the hot weather and bad storms.

Callie was left in an alley when she got sick, by the time ACN reached her she was covered with flies and maggots, she had just been tossed out like garbage.

A warning to cat owners, PLEASE KEEP YOUR CATS INDOORS IN ORDER TO KEEP THEM SAFE AND HEALTHY! If you are moving please take your cats to a local animal shelter or rescue group. DON”T JUST LEAVE THEM BEHIND!

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