August 11, 2012: Cat – kitten season – Spring Summer Fall Winter – All year round

In our target areas the cat problem never seems to get better.
With all the hard work rescuing and spay/neuter efforts that our group
does, the cat problem is so difficult to keep up with in Pontiac and Inkster.

When you have a city with no animal control or a city with no ordinance for
cats, so animal control won’t pick up cats, the problem just perpetuates.
Many of these areas are not even safe for people let alone cats and kittens
and couldn’t even be considered a safe haven for trap and release programs.

Cats are living on the streets in search of food, living in vacant houses,
getting abused, shot, poisoned and tortured.

The Animal Care Network does as much as possible to help these poor
cats and kittens!

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