April 19, 2012: Animal rescue also requires “people skills”!

The Animal Care Network rescued this litter of puppies, thankfully none of them were passed out on the streets!

Our animal rescue work requires many things, it is not just picking up a litter of cute puppies! It involves great communication, great networking and great follow up at the very least! It involves having our name out there and the ability to work with the community and other organizations.

Thankfully, one of our rescue partners, the Michigan Animal Rescue League, was able to take these puppies and the Animal Care Network is having the mother AND father dog spayed and neutered for no charge for the owner.

We appreciate the fact that this owner did not pass out these puppies in the neighborhood and because of the good ACN work they will be vaccinated and spayed and neutered before they are adopted. These puppies will not be available for several weeks.


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