April 5, 2012: Another sad and heartbreaking rescue…….

I received a call from a resident, when I got there this poor dog was lying on a pile of garbage in a backyard, obviously wandered there from the streets.  She was growling at me, but as soon as I spoke to her, she started wagging her tail and with difficulty tried to walk towards me. She knew I was going to try to help her.  I asked myself, what hasn’t happened to this dog? I carried her weak frail body to the van and she immediately drank water, like she had never had any before.

Her nose had been smashed and was bloody, her two feet on the one side had bone exposed, horribly infected, along with other injuries. She has been like this for so long, her liver was giving out, she was jaundiced, whites of her eyes, ears and skin yellow. She was emaciated, dehydrated and looked like she had a dozen litters.

 After suffering in every manner possible, she still had the trust and drive to wag her weak tail, even though she was in horrible pain.

Of all the dogs I have ever rescued, this is one that I would have given anything to have been able to nurse back to health at my home, but that was not possible. At least I had the opportunity to make her wag her tail one last time before her journey to heaven. She knew that I loved her very much.

Sadly, the ACN volunteers experience these situations much too often!

People wonder why we lose faith in humanity.

This story was written by our Pontiac Animal Care Manager, Pam.

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