June 6, 2014: Death of a Pet

There is an area of pet ownership that most owners hate talking about and don’t think about until it happens – death of a beloved animal.

The death of a pet is hard on an owner. Your best friend has left this earth and you feel a big void.

Whether a pet dies at home or is humanely euthanized, the next step is to decide how to handle your pets remains. Burial at home, burial at a pet cemetery, private cremation, or common (also known as mass) cremation are the options you have. Everyone is different and there is no wrong decision, you have to do what is best for you and your family.

The link is an informative webpage describing the different cremation choices. Please read to be informed ahead of time, instead of trying to make an informative decision when you are distraught.


Your veterinarian can take care of arranging a cremation for your pet but you can also deal direct with a business that is licensed for pet cremations. There are some pet specific crematoriums in the Metro Detroit area but also check with human cemeteries, some offer private cremation services for animals also.

The reason for writing this blog is because I had to have my senior kitty, Puma, humanely euthanized two days ago. After discussing the option of private cremation with my friends at the Kitty Clinic in Clinton Township, MI I found out that Cadillac Memorial Gardens East, also located in Clinton Township, offers private cremation services. I decided I wanted to use them so Puma and I made the short trip down the road to the cemetery. After explaining what I wanted and signing a few forms, I turned Puma over to them. The gentleman who handled the arrangements was very nice and everything was done in a professional manner. I was told my little buddy would be ready to be picked up in 2 – 3 days.

Well, as I was in the middle of writing this blog, Linda who handles the animal cremations and burials, called me to let me know Puma is ready to be picked up. So later on today, I will be picking him to bring him back home.

I am not here to advertise for any certain company, but I want to share the costs for private animal cremation (as of today) that Linda told me.

Animals under 15 lbs. are $65.00. Animals between 16 – 50 lbs are $85.00. Animals between 51 – 75 lbs. are $115.00. Animals 76 – 100 lbs. are $145.00. Animals between 101 – 150 lbs. are $180.00. For animals larger than 151 lbs. please call to find out price. They also have a pet burial section.

Cadillac Memorial Gardens East website: http://cadillacmemorialgardenseast.com/about-us/

An informed decision is the best decision you can make. Think and research now, so you don’t panic when the time comes.

– Chris, Network Manager


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