September 3, 2012: Great pitbull family!

Here are some of our favorite pitbull friends! These are four of the nicest dogs you could ever meet. The are all over 6 years old, all spayed and neutered, come to our vaccinations clinics AND live inside the house.

Sadly, many dogs in our target areas do not live much past a few years old for
one reason or another.

The ACN helps this family with dog food every month and when we arrive to
drop off the food, all the dogs are waiting at the door! Once outside
they all wait patiently and politely for their dog biscuits. They can all
do their own little tricks, sit pretty, give paw and even “high five”.

When having an extremely frustrating bad day on the streets, I find my
self spending some extra time at this address, because this is what we
LOVE to see! There are not many addresses that we visit where we don’t
have to make a trip to the backyard to see the dogs!!!

These guys and gals are our poster dogs for ACN! We love them very much
and appreciate the owners love for them as well. Difficult times and multiple
moves have never stopped this family from continuing to care for their dogs
like part of the family.

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