September 14, 2012: ACN late night rescue

ACN received a call late one night from a 24 hour restaurant, two emaciated dogs showed up and were trying to get in the door of the restaurant. (Probably smelled the food) Luckily they had the ACN phone number from a vaccine clinic flyer we had posted there!
The workers were asked to keep the dogs safe and we were on our way.

Both dogs were skin and bones and had open wounds all over their bodies.  It was clear they had been starved, abused, beaten and fought. Whenever a hand motion was made near them, they would flatten down on the ground but their tails still wagging as if to say “please don’t beat me”. They jumped right into the rescue van cages where they snuggled on a blanket and had their first bowl of food and water in a while.

The dogs were taken to a foster home.

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